I became aware the pain of Ukrainians by whole hearth!

Ante Vucak is a Croatian with a huge heart who understands the horrors of war.  He passed through a fiery hell by himself, lost his brothers in arms, saw the suffers of own nation. He is not a politician and does not seek benefits for himself, he simply helps Ukrainians who suffered from the war!πŸ‡­πŸ‡·πŸ€

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If you can help - just do it!  Don't expect for gratitude!


The celebration of the "Instructor's" birthday continues.

 The guardsman on the codename "INSTRUCTOR" continues to accept birthday greetings in the form of air conditioners’ presents.  Today, three new ones air conditioners were installed in the department where wounded servicemen of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are being treated.
 The holiday continues!
 Victory is not just a battle!
Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to Heroes!


Victory is not only a battle, but and caring for the wounded too.

The «Reduit» Guards Military Society has launched an initiative to provide air conditioning to the surgery section of the hospital of Ministry of Internal Affairs, which provides medical care to servicemen which were wounded on combat operations area on the east.  On his birthday, the NGU serviceman "INSTRUCTOR" wished that his wounded brother -in-arms were not forgotten (unlike orcs), and felt cared themselves not only on the front lines. Using the opportunity, we say our Friends words of thanks who congratulate the Guardsman!  Today the first three air conditioners were installed.

 The occasion continues!  Make yourself like the "INSTRUCTOR"!

We are changing Ukraine for the better!


Fortune Magazine article about our Warriors!

Famous international bussiness-oriented magazine "Fortune" has posted an article about Ukrainian bussiness elit on the edge of our country defence! Glory to Ukraine!


Serhii Haidaichuk Founder of CEO Club Ukraine

Serhiy Haidaychuk about self-organization and transformation of Ukraine's business elite to martial law conditions.  Ukraine's victory is not just a contribution of the military.  Every citizen of Ukraine contributes by themselves to the glorious future of the Ukrainian people.  Follow the leaders!


Help for Ukrainians

Deoccupied ukrainian cities and villages are still suffers of consequences of russian occupation. A far not everybody have water and electricity. Not everywhere are safe and convenient ways to deliver food. But everywhere are old peoples, children, who we could not leave in this situation.

Warriors of our brigade in cooperation with volunteers and territorial guard fighters despite all dangers is working for all who in need got help and to show to the world crimes of our neighbor countries.

Only together to the victory πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦