About us


Reduit is community organization which unite people around values of country defence. Organize, care and live for needs of enlistees and veterans. Organization was found by people who worked or still working in defence area. Peoples who know the needs modern army and who knows how to meet the needs. 

Organization was found  on the beginning of russo-ukrainian war. Starting from 2014 we worked on material support veterans of anti-terrorist operations and united forces operation and their families. Also organization provide support in rehabilitation and provide equipment to our warriors. 

After full-scale hostilities have started the scope of our tasks become much wider. Now we take our part in providing equipment of squads that take active part in defence of our country. We also organize logistics for ammo and food, organize informational and training activities for citizens. We constantly collect insider information about needs of army and, with help of volunteers and not indifferent citizens, try to solve all problems that government do not have time or resources to handle with.  

Our sign is Cossack's cross as symbol of army, star of Ministry of Internal affairs as symbol of law enforcement agencies, two crossed sabers and pirnach which tied with horseshoe(for luck)  as trident on the shield symbolize ukrainian state.  

Our organization respects and propagate values and traditions centuries of glorious history of ukrainian forces. We are the ancestors  of legendary warriors which, in their time, impressed foes and allies with their force, skill and unity. Fought the enemy in same way as theirs ancestors do it now, without fear, honestly and hard. 

Power in Unity!

Our account requisites:

IBAN: UA913052990000026005026705600

EDRPOU: 39441738

MFO code (sort code): 820172

Bank: JSC CB "Privatbank"

Recipient: Community organization "Reduit"

Purpose of payment: Providing charitable assistance to CO "Reduit"


Monobank card: 5375411408194707